Client Case Studies

We have a wide variety of clients and each of them use different methods to contact and/or nurture their own customers. Here is a small selection of client case studies that help to demonstrate the wide range of services we can offer you.

Case Study One:

  • The client mails and emails his customers according to each customer’s expressed preference.
  • Gone-aways from the paper mailing are returned to us direct by Royal Mail.  We are able to access the client’s customer database online so we make all name and address amendments daily, so that our client always has instant access to the most up to date information.
  • Our client’s customers then purchase by phone, by email, by post or online.  We handle all responses as per our brief and channel other queries direct to our client.
  • Orders are processed live, online, with payments being taken via Worldpay.
  • Customers have the option to receive their purchase via download or by post.
  • Postal purchases are printed by us and posted direct to the customers.

Case Study Two:

  • Our client emails approximately 25,000 contacts every two weeks with an e-newsletter.
  • We receive the articles and images to product the newsletter in a template.
  • We have access to our client’s database and download the email addresses as per our brief.
  • We distribute the e-newsletter according to our client’s schedule.
  • Bounces and unsubscribes come back into our system are dealt with, by us, on a daily basis.

Case Study Three:

  • Our client provides their own non-personalised letters, magazines and envelopes and delivers them to us.
  • They email us their contact list and we produce name and address labels.
  • The mailing is enclosed and addressed and we post it on our client’s behalf.

Case Study Four:

  • The client provides us with raw artwork and text plus their name and address list via email.
  • We have appointed the best value, best quality designer and printer to produce the client’s bi-monthly booklet.
  • We liaise direct with the designer and printer regarding production schedules, and provide our client with an email proof for approval before final print run.
  • We provide our client with printed letterheads and printed envelopes.
  • The letterheads are used to laser print personalised letters, including a donation response coupon.
  • The booklet, letter and response coupon are enclosed into a window envelope, with a response envelope and posted on our client’s behalf, to a deadline.