E-media: email/sms

The e-media services we offer are direct marketing communication by email or SMS (text messaging).  These can be used as stand-alone methods or to complement other campaigns you may be running.

Why not text all your customers to ask them to watch a TV programme relevant to you, or use email to follow up a direct mail campaign?


We use a tried and tested email campaign software that can send simple messages or be used with a template to send regular newsletters.  We can

  • Design your message or newsletter
  • Import your customer emails into the software quickly
  • Send 5,000 email per hour
  • Send each email addressed individually using mail merge
  • Automatic unsubscribe option
  • Embed links to your website within the email
  • Provide you with statistics on number of emails delivered, opened (daily and overall total), and links clicked on to help you with your marketing plans

Don’t forget that if you don’t have email addresses for all your customers, we can call them on your behalf to obtain this valuable information.

We can also help you to find other email marketing lists so you can expand your contact database.

SMS (Text Messaging)

These days most people have a mobile phone, many choosing them in preference to a landline.  Text messaging is a quick and easy option and can be used in several different ways.

1.   Virtual Mobile Numbers

These are eleven digit mobile numbers.  The services and benefits are:

  • Instant 2-way SMS communication
  • Delivered to your inbox
  • You can forward messages to your email or mobile
  • Publish the number as a “textline” to your customers
  • You can set up keywords to filter specific messages
  • Set up auto responses for specific keywords
  • Set up a distribution list broadcast remotely by text
  • Receive unlimited numbers of SMS messages

2.   Shared Shortcodes

This is where you have a five-digit number to be used with a specific keyword (ie, “text EMEDIACY to 12345 followed by your message”).  The services and benefits of this are:

  • Instant two-way SMS communication
  • Delivered direct to your inbox
  • You can forward messages to your email or mobile
  • A cost-effective way to maintain your corporate image
  • An ideal system for SMS marketing
  • Receive unlimited numbers of SMS messages
  • Forward messages to an email address
  • Real time reporting
  • Daily/weekly/monthly report summaries

3.   Standalone Shortcodes

These are the five digit numbers on their own, without the requirement to add a keyword.  These would be for your own specific use.  Costs are higher, but convenience is greater.  Please do ask us for more information if you feel this would be more suitable for your requirements.


SMS campaigns can be used as a stand-alone tool, or as an instant “call to action”.  They can act as reminders, or as a “preview”.

 For example:

  • You may send an e-mail campaign a few weeks before your particular event/sale/TV programme, etc, then back it up with an SMS campaign just a few hours before the launch.
  • In common with some hospitals and opticians, use it as an appointment reminder to cut down on wasted time.
  • Set up an “advance notice” club for VIP customers to give them first chance at special offers or events.
  • Use to prompt customers to check their post or emails for more detailed information
  • Send order confirmations to give your customers instant peace of mind that their request has been actioned.
  • Set up automated texts to remind your customers when scheduled payments are due to be made
  • SMS messages have been shown to have up to 95% read rates
  • Where a response from your customer is needed, it has been shown that this will usually be received within an hour.