Response handling

Use e-mediacy’s experienced Response Handling team!

So, now you have either emailed or paper mailed your customers, asked them to respond or to buy, and they have!  You may not have the staff or the office space to deal with the response handling, ie, the requests for information, donations, or orders by phone, email, letter, response coupon or online. Let us help…

E-Mediacy helps to free up your time to carry on with your core business, manufacturing, importing, fundraising, whatever it may be.  Our comprehensive range of response handling services include:

  • Set up of PO Box or Freepost service in your name, delivered to our address
  • Set up of a personalised database or spreadsheet to capture your response data, or you may wish to give us access to an online data capture or ordering system you already have in place.
  • Capturing of the customer data if it is a new customer, checking and amendment (if necessary) of the information if they are a repeat customer.
  • Inbound and outbound telephone services
  • Shared “Hotline” facility, or your own telephone line on our system, answered in your name
  • Banking & Thanking
  • PDQ processing on your own machine in our offices or via your own online system
  • Ticketing and banking for exhibitions and events

E-mediacy will provide you with a seamless extension of your own office processes.

Customer satisfaction is our priority – both yours and your own customers’.