Direct Mail

For some, traditional mailings or direct mail are viewed as “old hat” but… There is still a huge market out there of people who prefer to hold something tangible in their hand to read.  They like to sit quietly with a cup of tea and browse through letters, brochures, catalogues.  They may well order or respond online, but for them, holding the paper in their hand and reading at leisure is their preference.  To help our clients target the traditional market, we can carry out the following services – as many or as few as you
need to make your campaign fully effective!

Choosing the right people to mail

If you want to expand your client list, you may be looking to target a certain type of person who hasn’t been in touch with you before.  We will talk with you about your current clients and their demographic.  (We can get your current client list profiled to assist in this process).  Then we can present you with a selection of mailing lists for you to consider.

Data Cleaning & Enhancement

Your own list of current and past customers is, obviously, the first place to start.  We all know that it’s much easier to get repeat orders than it is to attract new customers.  Especially if your CRM is good!  To help you get the most out of your own customer list we can assist with the following:

  • If your customer information is being held in a number of different ways we can design one standard computer form to receive all your name & address information in a single format.  This may include taking paper records and entering the information into the new form.
  • Once your customer information is all in one place, we can check it and update it for you.  This may include taking mailing “gone-aways” that you have in a box in the corner and checking each one against your new customer database and making any deletions or address changes that have been requested.  This will also assist you in complying with Data Protection legislation and guidelines.
  • Once your data is all up to date, we can run it against several proprietary suppression lists such as The Bereavement Register to help you save money sending mail that will not be well received.
  • If you want to mail your customers using personally addressed letters, the information you hold may not include proper salutations, ie, Dear Mr Jones.  There is nothing less professional than sending out letters addressed to Dear Mr E Jones!  We can take the information you hold and create proper salutations for you.
  • If your customers have ordered from you more than once, or the information has been gathered from a number of different sources you will probably find that you have duplicates in your database.  Not only will your customers find it annoying to receive more than one mailing from you, but it costs you more than it need.  We can de-duplicate your data to save both costs and embarrassment
  • Although you may have gathered as much information as possible from your customers, we know from experience that postcodes are frequently wrong, and also that from time to time Royal Mail will change postcodes slightly.  We can run your data through several processing systems to ensure that the addresses are as correct as possible so that you can take advantage of postage discounts.

Envelope & Print Supply

Once you have decided to mail your customers or potential customers using the traditional method, you will need to design and print your inserts.  Again, we can help with this process.

  • In discussion with you, we can advise on the type of mailing piece you want to send out.  It might be a letter with a response coupon, it might be a simple black and white leaflet or it may be a glossy colour brochure.  Our experienced designer will work with you to turn your ideas into the ideal mailing piece.  We will also advise you on size, weight, etc, as this may have an effect on your postage costs.
  • Once you have designed what you are going to mail, it needs to be printed, and we can arrange this for you.  We are experienced in print buying and can obtain excellent prices due to the amount of work we get printed.  Nothing will go to print until you, our client, have seen proofs and signed them off.
  • Your envelope also needs serious consideration.  Will you be using labels on a plain envelope or does your mailing piece work with a window envelope?  What size do you need in order to fit your mailing piece but also keep within your postage budget?  You will need to have a postage paid impression printed together with a return address, but do you want to have a logo, strapline or buying message printed at the same time?  Also, if you are planning more than one mailing during the course of a year or so, it is well worth buying in bulk and asking us to store them for you so that you can get a better unit price.

Laser Printing & Personalisation

If your mailing includes a personally addressed letter then, then all you need to do is let us have your draft letter, signature and access to your name and address data and we can do the rest. We’ll set out your letter, properly addressed and let you see proofs before we start printing. We can laser print letters or response coupons or both:

  • A4, one or two sided
  • DL (one third A4)
  • A4 plus a DL response coupon
  • A4 plus an A5 response coupon
  • A3

Personalisation can be in multiple positions throughout the letter, and we are very used to using different versions of letters depending upon the message or messages you may wish to send to each type of customers. This personalisation may also need to include codes to identify different customer sectors.


Enclosure (the insertion of your mailing into envelopes) can be done in two different ways depending upon the size and complexity of your mailing.

HAND ENCLOSURE is best for:

  • More than one personalised item where matching up is required
  • Items that require a special fold
  •  Large or odd shaped inserts (we’ve done tea-bags, bookmarks, seeds, cardboard shapes…..)
  • “Nesting” – where you need items put inside each other

We have an experienced hand-enclosing team who are used to working quickly and efficiently, whatever the complexity of your mailing.

MACHINE ENCLOSURE is ideal for larger volume, simple mailings.  We can machine enclose:

  • Into DL or C5 envelopes
  • Up to 6 different inserts
  • Inserts sized from DL to A5 (depending upon thickness)